Volunteer Committees

At the tail end of 2013 into 2014 the trustees hired Portage County Regional Planning Commission (PCRPC) to perform an assessment of the old Mantua Center School building. 

Based on the evaluation PCRPC recommended the trustees setup volunteer committees with the goal of fully restoring and utilizing the school with an eye to sustainability of the facility including future maintenance costs. With the assistance of PCRPC, below are the committees that were setup. Meetings are open to the public* and will be advertised on this page roughly two weeks before the meeting. 

We'd love to hear your input.

Upcoming meetings:


Building Assessment Committee is a volunteer committee comprised of mostly Mantua Township residents who are building contractors. The purpose of this committee is to determine what structural needs are of the building or the school site. This committee is also evaluating the potential users of the building to determine what it will take to make the building fully functional.

Captain is Mr. Dan Tillett – Co-Captain is Eric Hummel 

Dan's contact email: dtillett@troyconstruction.net

Building Utilization Committee is a volunteer committee comprised mostly of interested Mantua Township residents who some have a background or interest in economic development or real estate. This committee is working to identify potential uses that would be most appropriate for the School space and then they are charged with reaching out to make those contacts to see if they can attract those users to the space. 

Captain is Mr. Roger Hurd - Co-Captain Mr. Greg Balbierz 

Roger's Contact email: sblpop@aol.com

Fund Raising and Sponsorship Committee is a volunteer committee to try and match grants, private foundations monies, private donations, corporate donations, material donations and labor donations with the needs of the building and or the site per the recommendations identified by the Building Assessment Committee. 

Captain Ms. Terrie Nielsen - Co-Captain Ms. Linda Ehlert 

Terrie's Contact email: ntandd@yahoo.com

Volunteer Committee is a volunteer committee made up of Mantua Township residents who want to help to do what they can. This committee should match up skills and talents of the pool of volunteers with the jobs and tasks to be done. The purpose is to put sweat equity into the building to keep the cost down as much as possible. 

Captain Mr. Dave Pollard – Co-Captain Ms. Ellie Monroe 

Dave's contact email: manyducks@roadrunner.com

*Note: There may be some Assessment Committee sessions that are closed for the members of that committee only.